About photographer

Lydur has a wide range in taking wedding photos and work with photos. He has 
been involved in the photographing business since he was 16 years 
old.   At the age of 16, he was starting as a photographer assistant 
and from there he went into Photoshop retouches for a big magazine 
company in Iceland.    For the past years he has been working with the 
best photographers in Iceland.

After a few years working for others he decided to have his own 
company where he lives in Selfoss town near Reykjavik and travels all 
around Iceland taking wedding photos. Iceland has a uniq nature and horizontal skyline.

His family taught him about the nature and history.  With that in mind 
he tries to involved history and nature into his photographs.


A. Wedding photos small

Take pictures in a studio or outside.

Included are 18 images in the size 13 x 18 cm. in a book that is about 
20 pages.

EUR kr. 350. - US 466.-

Lydur will join the ceremony and / or party and compose beautiful 
images in a book that is about 20 pages with up to 50 to 70 pictures 
that tell a fun story from the day.

B. Wedding photos bigger

Imaging studio or outside.

Included are 20 pages album with 25 - 35 images bound in a book owned 
Alignment can also get leather.

Included is a CD snapshot, screen resolution.

EUR 425. - US 567.-

Offers A and D. Imaging and ceremony.

Take pictures in a studio or outside.

Included are 18 images in the size 13 x 18 cm.

Photos of ceremony number generated 30 to 60 images in the act, the 
number depending on the complexity and number of visitors.

EUR 612. - US 816.-

C. Offer Wedding photos Ceremony and wedding party

Imaging A. + Ceremony and Party

Bid price EUR 874. - US 1166.-

Full price is EUR 1037. -

Two albums. One of the honeymooners in a beautiful landscape  and the 
other is the party that tells a fun story from the big day.

Images can be mixed black and white, brown tones and color.

If you have ordered more than 1 album immediately, each album kr. 
EUR 82.-, the full price is EUR 146.-

You can get selected images in full resulution for EUR 221.- US 295.-

Minute D. Ceremony

EUR 285.- US 381.-

Pictures 30 to 60 pictures in an album.

Included in this CD is a snapshot, the screen resolution.

E. Offer

Event or Proposal Shoots

EUR 291.- US 389.- for 1.5 hours. After that every hour is for EUR 52.-

Number of images depends on visitors and scope banquet / ceremony.

Included in this CD is a snapshot of the timer, the screen resolution.

To snapshot and the process surrounding the bridal photo-shoot running 
the fastest individually, I've had it a rule that the bride and groom 
meet and exceed any major preferences are.

With that often comes with entertaining ideas that make photoshot 

All honeymooners receive their pictures stored on my homepage for two 

Also driving outside Reykjavík area above offers.